Between River and Mountain

Urban Playground & Extreme Sport Park


Type: Individual Work

Duration: Jul. 2018  – Sept. 2018

Size: 7 hm2

Location: Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, China


It is a part of mankind to play! After being shut down for nearly 10 years, the cement factory has become a ghost town where no one would like to go there. Why not make it into a park where you can play there?


Site Analysis

The site located in a suburb before. Since the reform and opening-up, urban expanded, this industrial area became a barrier for urban further develop. Some factories have been moved.

User Resource & Potential

As people have a high demand on sports and care about health these days, this can be a place that provides other sport types which still not have.  Also, an infrastructure supplement of suburb urbanization, where people can do daily exercise, try and play other sports.

City Development and Site History


Nature Characteristics and Sports


Master Plan

Render Perspective

For the Old Shipyard Water Channels



For the Old Silos




Swing Sand Playground

The beam without roof structure of the remaining warehouse can become an ideal place for swings, near to the long slide, a paradise for children.




Sightseeing Trail

People can learn how to rock climb on the high silos near the hill. A glass sightseeing trail goes through the shadow of trees, walking on it just like wandering in the forest.




Diving Pool

Silos can be used to store cement before, it can certainly become a silos diving pool, as the city before having no place for people to try or learn how to dive.




Waterside Terrace

Allow visitors to play with water while prevent them fall into the river accidentally. As the river no longer mainly use for shipment in the future, activities will be safety and vitalize the city at the same time.




Small Hill Grassland

The small hills implicit the raw materials of sand and stone storage here before. When people lie down on the grass, they will no longer worry about the dust flying all over the sky and enjoy the free time.