Peach & Bamboo Corridor

Rural Planning & Design

Type: Group work

Collaborator: Sainan Zhang, Changsheng Wang, Xi Zhang, Yang Lv,

Duration: Mar. 2018  – Jun. 2018

Design Area: 5 hm2

Location: Shuangfeng village, Changning, Yibin, Sichuan, China


Shuangfeng village has a population of 2000. Due to illness, inconvenient of traffic, lacking pillar industry, it is also a village in poverty. A road connected to the highway will soon be constructed, therefore great opportunities can change the poor situation. As the highway built the villager those their homes located on the highway are going to move to a newly construct community. In consideration of the local residents’ usage and potential tourists in the future, I designed a sightseeing peach & bamboo corridor for people to enjoy the great landscape there.


Site Existing Condition

The design idea is to utilize the local famous vegetation bamboo and peach, to create a colorful seasonal landscape.