Design the Sound

A Moveable Acoustic Music Stage


Workshop of Tianjin International Design Week 2018

Micro Architecture

Type: Group work, group leader from concept, modeling, rendering to the final presentation

Collaborator: Hongrui Lai, Zeling Tang, Shuming Lu.

Duration: 2018.05

Size: 3(L) x 3(W) x 3(H)m

Tutor: M. Campi, A. Fiore, G.Mirra

Location: Beining Park, Hebei, Tianjin

We are all living in a world full of music and noise. Whether it is possible to design a stage can reduce noise and enhance the music for them to sing instead of loudspeakers making noise?

The square outside is usually full of noise every day at night in some cities in China.

Sound Environment Study

Find the Height

Most musical instruments produce sound at the height range from 0.65m to 1.55m. According to this range, the experiment base on the average height of 1.05m.

Test out the Best Section

Loft the Section into Shell

Best Shell Selected

Tested Scaled Model 1:100

User Scenarios Analysis

Concerning the music player will play music in a different environment, the shell should be easy enough to adjust, detach and move, which the original structure nearly impossible. Therefore a new structure was designed to make it possible.

Construction Optimization

The collapsible structure makes this shell can be able to adjust or transport easily, set up quickly in a different environment and be ready to a show.

Lighting Design

The accessory of lights will connect to a smartphone, making the show possible at night. Different ambient can be created and changed according to the kind of music.